How to Ombre Dye Fabric

Did you know that you can make an ombre design with tie-dye? In this… More

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Best Ice Dyeing Techniques

Ice dyeing is the newest way to get that tie-dyed effect and we are… More

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How to Fix a Messed up Tie Dye Shirt

It has happened to all of us. Youve waited patiently for your tie dye to… More

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Ombre Dyed Yarn

Use simple old food colour to add beautiful ombre tones to plain yarn!… More

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Joy to the World T-Shirt

Begin preparing for Christmas with this Joy to the World T-Shirt. This… More

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Holly Berry Gift Tote

With so many homemade gift ideas to discover, it's hard to find one that… More

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DIY Tie Dye Gift Wrap

No matter the gift-giving holiday or occasion, if you want to be unique in… More

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Template Free Tie Dyed Peace Purse

"I love making zipper top pouches - now that I have found such an easy way… More

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Sharpie Tie-Dye Fireworks Napkins

"Make these tie dyed fireworks napkins for the 4th of July. It just takes… More

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Mood Indigo Tie Dye Design

Tie dye techniques do not need to be limited to bright, spiral tees for… More

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Hand-Dyed Clothes for Kids

Put a smile on your little one's face with a bright and bold new outfit… More

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Cute Hand-Dyed Toddler Backpack

Get your grandbabies ready for school with these adorable tie dye… More

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Dyed Bird Gift Tags

Personalize a gift for someone special by using dye to make one-of-a-kind… More

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