Dyed Wedding Accessories

Dyed Wedding Accessories are the perfect way to incorporate those wedding… More

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Pocket Notebook Holder

Make Pocket Notebook Holder for anyone that loves to express themselves.… More

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How to Make Vintage Floral Earrings and Matching…

There's nothing better than vintage craft ideas and this project is simply… More

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Flower and Lace Fold Back Card

This fold-back card is a thoughtful way to show someone you're thinking of… More

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Love Mitts

Tell your valentine just how much you love them with this fun and… More

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Scrapbook Embellishment or Pin

Make your scrapbook standout with this embellishment or create an unique… More

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Imbedded Images Pin or Scrapbook Embellishment

Either wear this funky metal form as a brooch or, with a few extra… More

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Paper Bunny Basket

This paper bunny basket is so cute and can be used to hold dried flowers,… More

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Laced Pulp Note Card and Envelope

This cheerful blue and green card with matching envelope is uniquely held… More

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