Candlelit Thanksgiving Table Coloring Page

The bountiful harvest on this Thanksgiving table will make you eager to… More

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The Platonic Solids Geometric Coloring Page

Geometric coloring pages for adults can be really cool! If you're familiar… More

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Easy Origami Hearts

Learn how to make the easiest origami hearts you will ever make. This… More

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Braided Pom Pom Headband DIY

This pom pom headband is so easy to make. Great for kids and adults alike,… More

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Winter Snowflake DIY Vase

This Winter Snowflake DIY Vase is very simple but elegant and can add a… More

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Easy Origami Jumping Frog

Make an easy origami frog with our YouTube video tutorial. The Easy… More

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Tropical Drinks Adult Coloring Page

"Summer holiday! Are you dreaming of a sandy beach, palm trees and a few… More

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Fox-a-Hunting Adult Coloring Page

"This little fox is intently staring at something in the near distance.… More

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DIY Car Wash Mitts

Make car wash mitts out of an old bathrobe! Treat yourself or a family… More

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Mandala Magic Adult Coloring Page

"For centuries, mandalas have been used for personal and spiritual growth.… More

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Zentangle Tropical Fish Adult Coloring Page

"If you are tickled pink with zentangle patterns, then this adult coloring… More

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How to Plant a Succulent

Succulents are so cute and fun to adorn your house with. This How to Plant… More

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Holiday Decorating Printable Mad Lib (PDF)

This is one of those free printable Christmas mad libs for adults that… More

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DIY Tie Dye Ball Ornaments

Its quick and easy to purchase ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree,… More

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Ask and It Will Be Given Adult Coloring Page

"Matthew 79 reminds us that we serve a loving Father, one who wants to… More

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