Pink and White Set

Pink and White Set

Create unique necklaces and earrings with this stunning design.


  • 25mm Round Vintage Glass Cabochon--1
  • 9mm Clear AB Daisy Beads--25 (a)
  • 15mm by 5mm Clear AB Dagger Beads--7 (b)
  • 4mm Round Pink Beads--60 (c)
  • 6mm Pink Bicone Beads--55 (d)
  • 10º Clear AB Seed Beads--Approximately 118 (e)
  • 2" by 2" Square White Leather--2
  • Small Silver Toggle Clasp--1 (Beadalon® #JFTGL1S)
  • Silver Clamshell Bead Tips--4
  • #1 Crimp Beads--4 (Beadalon® # JC1)
  • Silver 4mm Jump Rings--5 (Beadalon® #JJR1S)
  • Silver Ball & Loop Earring Findings--1 Pair
  • Dandyline™ White .008" Stringing Thread
  • Size 10 Sharps Needle
  • BeadFix™
  • DesignerScissors
  • Beadstorm™ Chain Nose Pliers
  • Try Tray


Note:  All beads will be referred to by the abbreviations given in the materials list.

  1. Glue the glass cabochon to the center of one piece of leather and allow glue to dry thoroughly.
  2. Cut a yard of Dandyline™ and single thread your needle. Tie a knot on the very end. Bring the needle through the leather close to the edge of the cabochon. Pick up two (e) beads and lay them tight along the edge of the cabochon. Take your needle back through the leather and come up in the first hole. Pass through the first two beads and pick up two more. Take your needle through the leather next to these two beads. Bring it back up between beads two and three. Pass through the second two beads and pick up two more. This is called Backstitching. Continue in this manner until you have gone all the way around the cabochon. Try to fit in an even number of beads.
  3. Do a row of Peyote around the cab. Come up through one bead and pick up one bead. Take needle down through the third bead so the bead you picked up is setting on the second bead. Pick up a bead and go through the fifth bead so the second bead you picked up is setting on the fourth bead of the base row. Continue around the cabochon. You will have a bead sitting on every other bead around the cabochon. Be sure to pull thread tight after each bead you add.
  4. Do a second row of Peyote adding a bead between each of the ones in the previous row. Use skinnier beads so the weaving will tighten around the cabochon as you pull the thread tightly. Use a third row if you need it. Work thread through the weaving to the underside. Tie off threads securely and trim ends.
  5. Double thread your needle. Tie a knot on the very end and come up from the back of the leather close to the beaded collar you just did. Thread on enough (c) beads to encircle the beaded collar. Pass the needle through the ring again and pull up snug. Pass needle to underside and come up between two beads on the inside of the bead ring. Couch the ring in place. To do this, pass needle over the ring and go back into the leather close to and between the beads. Pull thread snug. The thread crosses over the thread in the bead ring and does not go into the beads. Go to opposite side and repeat. Then do the same at the top and bottom. Then go back and do it between every bead that you missed.
  6. Cut leather close to the beaded ring being sure not to cut any of the threads. Place second piece of leather wrong side up on your work space. Using the beaded piece as a pattern place it on the leather and draw around it. Cut it out and set aside.
  7. Single thread your needle and secure it in the ring around the cabochon. To begin the fringe, come out between two (c) beads. Pick up 1 (e), 1 (c), 1 (d), 1 (c), 1 (e), 1 (d), 1 (a), 1 (d), 2 (e), 1 (b) and 2 (e). Skip the 2 (e), 1 (b) and 2 (e) and pass back through the remaining beads to the ring. Pass the needle through the ring and out between the next two beads. Make another fringe but increase the first two sections of (e) beads to two. For the middle fringe increase the (e) beads to three. For the remaining two fringes decrease the (e) beads in reverse order to how you increased them. Secure thread end.
  8. To string the necklace double thread your needle so you have 28" to 30" of doubled thread. Tie a crimp bead securely to the end. Glue knot and trim ends. Pass through a clamshell bead tip from the inside. Close the bowl around the knot.
  9. Pick up 1 (c) bead. Then pick up 1 (d), 1 (c), 1 (d) and 1 (a). Repeat this pattern eight more times. Pick up 1 (d) and 1 (c). Find the five or six beads that are the top of the beaded cabochon and pass the needle through them. Repeat the stringing on this side of the cabochon in reverse order.
  10. Tie off other end against the crimp bead. Close the clamshell. Attach one jump ring to the loop of the toggle and bend one of the clamshell bars around the jump ring.
  11. Attach one jump ring to the bar of the clasp. Attach second jump ring to the first. Then attach this to the clamshell tip.
  12. To make earrings double thread your needle with about 10" of thread and tie a crimp bead on the end. Pick up a clamshell, 1 (c), 1 (a), 1 (d), 3 (e), 1 (b), and 3 (e). Skip the 3 (e), 1, (b) and 3 (e) and pass back through the rest of the beads. Knot the threads against the crimp bead. Finish as for the necklace. Attach to a jump ring and the jump ring to the earring finding. Repeat.

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