Snood Headband

Snood Headband

Use a free crochet pattern like this one to make a snood pattern. Berta made this for her Granddaughter who loves Swing Dancing and 40’s styling. "We saw one in a book, so I did a pencil sketch and created this one. I wore one when I was younger to hold back my long hair."


  • Aunt Lydias New Wave 1.76oz - 50gm, 98yd dark chocolate or any DK/ #3 worsted weight yarn
  • Crochet hook size USA F/5, 3.75mm
  • Yarn Needle

Stitches used: Ch = chain, Sc = single crochet,
Dc = double crochet, Slst = slip stitch
Sh = Shell Stitch : 5 Dc in indicated stitch
Hsh = Half Shell Stitch: 3 Dc in indicated stitch

Starting at back of headband and working towards front, Ch 62 (13”)
Row 1: Sc in second ch from hook, sc in each ch across, ch 1, turn (61 sc) Mark each end of this row.
Row 2 – 6: Sc in each sc across, ch 1, turn (61 sc)
Row 7: Sc in first sc, *skip next 2 sc, Sh in next sc, skip 2 sc, sc in next sc, Repeat from * to end of row, ch 1, turn
Row 8: Sc in each sc and each dc across, ch 3, turn
Row 9: 2 Dc in first sc (counts as hsh), *Skip 2 sc, sc in next sc, skip 2 sc, Sh in next sc, Repeat a from * across, end with skip 2 sc, 3 dc in last sc, ch 1, turn
Row 10: Sc in each sc and each dc across, ch 1, turn
Row 11 – 14: Repeat rows 7, 8, 9, and 10, ch 1, turn
Row 15: Sc in each sc across, 2 sc in last stitch, (work around corner on short side) Sc in each row end for 14 sc, ch 16 (4”), Join chain with a Slst at marker on other side of headband, ch 1, sc in next sc on short edge, Sc in each row end for 14 sc, ch 1, turn, (do not fasten off and go to snood instructions)
Row 1; Sc in each sc on short edge (14 sc), sc across 16 ch, sc in 14 sc on other short edge, ch 1, turn
Row 2: Sc in first sc, * Ch 5, skip 3 sc, dc in next sc, Repeat * 9 times, ch 5, skip 3 sc, sc in last sc, ch 1, turn
Row 3 – 6: Sc in first sc, *ch 5, dc in next dc, repeat from * across, ch 1, turn
Row 7 – 8: Repeat row 2, but Ch 6 instead of 5
Row 9 – 10: Repeat row 2, but Ch 7 instead of 5
Row 11: Repeat row 2, but Ch 8 instead of 5
Row 12 – 13: Repeat rows 9 and 10
Row 14 – 15: Repeat rows 7 and 8
Row 16: Repeat row 2
Row 17: Repeat row 2, but Ch 4 instead of 5
Row 18 - 19: Repeat row 2, but Ch 3 instead of 5
Row 20 - 21: Repeat row 2, but Ch 2 instead of 5
Row 22: Repeat row 2, but Ch 1 instead of 5, fasten off
Finishing: Sew each end of a skinny 12” piece of elastic to inside of first and last stitch of row 1 at beginning of snood, then join yarn at side and sc all the way across and over thin elastic and through sides and lower edge of snood bottom (Last row of netting, not headband). Fasten off and weave in ends.
Make headband buttons as below.

Headband Buttons: (Make 1 set for each side)
Step 1. (First side button) Make a magic circle, sc in circle 10 times, slst in first sc and pull tight, tie off and weave in ends.
Step 2. Repeat 1 for second button, but leave a 12” tail at beginning and end, tie tails pull tight, do not weave in or end .
Step 3. Thread both tails through button center of second button, fold bottom headband into 2 pleats, weave tails through pleats and first button, whip stitch 2 times back into second button to secure, run tails back through middle of pleats and through first button, pull tight, knot, tie off and trim tails.
Step 4. Repeat for second side of headband for other set of buttons.

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The Snood Hood Headband looks like a real creative pattern. These were popular back in the fifties. Would look really cute on small girls with long hair and even adults with long hair could wear them. I will definitely save the pattern and try at a later date. Have fun with this one...

What is a magic circle? How do you make one? It has to be a chain ring but how many chain stitches? From Paula Crehan

Hi Paula, This article from AllFreeCrochet will help you understand/complete the magic circle. Thanks! - Julia from FaveCrafts

I have finished this snood headband, but I have never worn one nor seen how to make them fit. Please advise. My friends finds the picture of the snood/headband neat. I can not figher out how it fits. Can you show me with a vidio? Thanks pjcrehan.

Hi Paula, the snood fits on your head like a headband and then you insert your ponytail into the long portion that extends back (the snood). The is basically a hairnet/headband hybrid. Hope that helps! - Julia from FaveCrafts

In row 8 sc in each sc and each DC across,I am confused because the pattern does not have you crocheting DC in previous row. Plz help. Thank you!

i'm kinda knew and am confused on several things. what is (sc across 16ch,)?and when i turn am i supposed to end up on the long straight end? this is the only reason i rated it a 2

plz help me. i love this pattern.

Hi ymwhite33 Thanks for your comment. (sc across 16ch) means you're going to single crochet across 16 chains. And when you turn, your work will be on the left and you'll crochet from left to right. Hope that helps!--FC Editors

I too am confused by row 7 as there are no sc stitches to skip. Please reply. Thank you

Hi kandisamuels7--Thanks for your comment. Row 7 translates as so: Row 7: Sc in first sc, *skip next 2 sc, Sh in next sc, skip 2 sc, sc in next sc, Repeat from * to end of row, ch 1, turn This means you're going to single crochet in the first stitch from row 6, then skip the next 2 stitches and then shell stitch in the next stitch. If it's still confusing to you, we might suggest contacting the designer for more detailed help. Thanks again!--FaveCrafts Editor

I had no problems with the elastic as I used a yarn needle to thread it in the first stitch row as instructed then with a needle and thread folded a little over and sewn it in place then did the same on the other side. Then I single chained across the small edge of the headband over the elastic then continued on around the snood portion the all the way across to where I had sewn the other end of the elastic. I have no Idea what they are talking about with the buttons though so I just left those out.

Hi. Am I running the elastic from one end to the other or using two separate pieces, going down each size of the snood? I'm so confused. I understand the pleats and buttons, but not the other part. Your help is appreciated. Thanks.

Loved the moment I saw it. I made a practice one then made two more without the mistakes. Thank you.

I guess I'm kinda dumb but I got confused on the snood on row 3 don't you have to sc at the end? If you don't how can you begin the next row with a sc in 1st stitch. Then row 7 is supposed to repeat row 2 but there are no sc in row 6. Haven't even got to the elastic yet H E L P I guess I'm just dumb.

I too like this snood pattern very much, Thank you for sharing. I would have liked to have had the number of loops at each change of row section would be more assuring, as well a clearer wording as to the finishing, with elastic etc. I am at that point now, crossing my fingers I follow your wording right.

I had trouble with this step also. Begin at the top of narrow width of headband and run the elastic to the bottom, across the chain, to the other side starting at the bottom and ending at the top. Secure both ends of the elastic. I hope this helps.

i love it,but i'm down to the finishing part and a little confused on how to do the elastic can someone help!

great but are there any other patterns out there?

I love it. I will be making it. My hair is too short for it, but I could make one not so long for me. My daughters and grand-daughters will be able to wear one. Also some friends. Willl make a great Christmas gift. Thanks for the great pattern.

I love it! I'll definitely be making this one soon!

love vintage patterns - especially civil war era - don't recall seeing one like this. will definitely make this at the earliest opportunity. could we get a year/date on the photo the designer saw to determine the correct time period thanks. ****

I have been looking for Vintage Crochet patterns on Snoods, long coats, long sweaters. I truly hope Favecrafts does a whole section on Vintage Crochet. The styles were beautiful as well as functional. The snood is a great pattern. I hope that they also put on the site full head cover snoods, in various sizing of the netting as fine hair has a tendency to go thru the larger holes where thick hair does not as much. Thank you for sharing your snood pattern. It is really appreciated.

I would love to see it in white with pearl beads and a veil attached. Could be very pretty in a wedding.

GREAT, count me in. I'll be makeing some for friends also.

Love it! This would be so handy when working in the deli or as a waitress!

I'm going to be making one of these. I run a concession stand twice a year and this is perfect for keeping my hair back, especially the shorter strands that are just to short to be held back by a ponytail holder.

I crochet snoods for historical re-enactors and renaissance players. I love this one, especially for me, because I have a hard time with my thick hair and keeping it on. Thank you FaveCrafts.

I will definitely make this snood. It looks stylish. Many young women on my college campus wear items that are similar.

It looks fun to wear, but if you're having a bad hair day it won't cover ALL the bad hair. I would wear one if someone else made it. I like short projects. I'm sure my sister in law who has hair to her knee caps might wear this.

I love this. It reminds me of similar accessories I have seen in older movies. I love the old look of it. I like that you sketched and created the pattern by yourself. All may not like it but I think people like me with longer hair will appreciate it.

Love this! I will definitely make it - looks like it will stay on easily and it's beautiful.

Would love something like this for wearing at night!! My hair just about drives me crazy pulling my head back etc. I love these old style everything old is new again items. Looks great.

If I had long hair (I don't) I would love this as a vintage item. However, I think it should be lacier to show the beautiful hair it is now hiding.

I would crochet this snood. I think it is one of the first snood patterns I have seen that is appealing to me. I guess some might think it is old-fashioned, but with some of the new yarns that are out now, using them might "modernize" this pattern and maybe start a new trend.

My hair is down to the calves of my legs. I put it up in a bun and use a bun snood to hold it. However, my snoods are wearing out and I can't find a place to purchase more. Does anyone have a good and easy snood pattern (crochet) for buns they could share? Thanks, Deb

Your pattern saved me from chronic headaches--I have long, thick hair and was getting to my wit's end with it (almost chopped it all off, threatened to shave it, etc.) Thanks for posting such a cute pattern that is functional!

Can anyone tell me if the snood gets really full before you startbr decreasing using the "repeat row 2" stitches. Thank you, Carolyn


Believe it or not, my 25 year old daughter wants me to crochet her a snood. I will make it for Christmas, but make the bun or snood part smaller. I'm glad to have found this pattern.

A wonderful piece of nostalga! Making this for a young girl who loves retro style, and will be a great gift!


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