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You can find some of the most popular crafts here on These are the best craft ideas that range from flower crafts, to kids' crafts, to crochet crafts. These top crafts are easy and fun to make.

The Ultimate Craft Guide: 25 Free Craft Projects…

FaveCrafts has teamed up with Michaels Craft Store to bring you The… More

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38 Sick Day Activities for Adults

Wondering what to do when you're sick and bored at home? Discover great… More

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FaveCrafts Cares: 10 Ways We're Making a…

FaveCrafts isn't just a website or a digital library, it's a nexus that… More

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DIY Replacement Filter For Face Masks

With filters being in short supply for full and half face respirators,… More

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25 Crafts to Thank Essential Workers

As we all deal with the challenges and stresses of life during the… More

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11 DIY Craft Projects for Any Occasion

If you're looking for new DIY craft projects to make, we've got you… More

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National Craft Month 2020

National Craft Month 2020 is here! Celebrate with us throughout the month… More

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27 Hygge Crafts

Define hygge? Where to begin! It is a lifestyle, a hug, a cup of tea while… More

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How to Work with FaveCrafts

There are many opportunities to get involved with FaveCrafts. Learn more… More

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60 Best Craft Blogs

These are the best craft blogs according to us! These bloggers have some… More

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Succulent Planters Made From Recycled Food…

These recycled food containers never looked better. A little metallic… More

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Alcohol Ink Mug

"Crafting with Alcohol Ink has been around awhile. You might have even… More

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Upcycled Frame To Headboard

Do you have an lovely frame that used to hold a mirror? Or from a piece of… More

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Soft Elastic Free Ear Loops For Masks - No Sewing

Did you run out of elastic? Or worse yet are your ears sore from the… More

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"18 Projects Every Crafter Wants" free eBook

Celebrate National Craft Month with our free eBook, "18 Projects Every… More

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