Obama Symbol Paper Plate

Obama Symbol Paper Plate


Help your child join in the excitement and celebration of our new President with this easy and cheap President's Day craft idea.

obama plate


  • Paper Plate
  • A copy or pattern of the Obama "O" logo
  • Acrylic paint in red, white, and blue
  • paintbrush


  1. Draw the Obama "o" pattern on the paper plate. The middle part of the plate should become the white of the O inside the outer ridge.
  2. Paint the top portion of the outer ridge blue and the horizontal stripes red and white like the American flag.
  3. Allow to dry completely. Have your child learn a few facts about President Obama. Discuss with them the historical importance of his election to office.

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The idea that this project is "controversial" or "political" is petty and childish and ignorant. This is not about endorsing a candidate for office. This is about honoring the President of the United States. Whether or not you voted for him is totally and completely irrelevant. He IS THE PRESIDENT OF OUR NATION. Comparing him with a tampon is in unbelievably bad taste - and certainly nonpatriotic. Personally, the craft doesn't interest me - but the comments are absurdly immature and uninformed.

This stands for everything NON American! I will have to unsubscribe.

Why?? This rates right up there with the tampon angel. Both in bad taste.

I agree - leave the politics off the craft page. Continue in this and I will also discontinue using your service.

Great idea but the type of Dixie color brand item is safe with explicit consent only! This symbol is not for commercial expert arts and crafts or sale! It is copyrighted severely! Joan Nash CDC centers for disease control(C. E. Koop) rating

Stay with crafts and leave politics out of it.

I love it, but it is probably a good idea to stay away from politics. It is nice to have a neutral ground.

Keep out of politics or take my name off your list.

Great Idea. It'll transfer nicely to my toilet seat cover.

Sigh...I see even here on a crafting site, the teeth-gnashing, hair-pulling hysterical types have to try to ruin it for everyone. I completely understand not liking a president, I couldn't stand President Bush but seriously, there are MANY more important things to get upset over. Really!

O, that's an "O"? I thought it was a big ZERO. I'm ALL for American Pride, Stars and Stripes, Red, White and Blue...THIS however, with it's "personal political" bent is absolutely disgusting. I am yet another that would NEVER do or share this "craft" with a child or a classroom.

Wow. It seems like there are so many much more important things to get one's panties in a bunch over. Take a breath and simply move on.

This is such an important emblem due to President Obama just being the first Black American President. My grandchildren are learning so much about the importance of this phenomenon in school. And will celebrate President's day at school.

It's an abomination that this is even on here! I think most of us don't expect a political agenda to to be pushed at us when looking at a craft site. I also would never share this with my child.

So...don't. This is hardly "pushing a political agenda". It's obvious you're one of those people that hate our president and that's your right. Part of being American, sweetie. You're not always going to get your way.

It would be fine, IF he was an American, Or even Like Americans. But that's NOT the case.

It's an abomination that this is even on this craft site! Pushing a political agenda doesn't belong here. I would never share this with my child or any others.

Please stick to straight crafting, apolitical, non agenda oriented. I don't think a president who lies and pushes his own agenda deserves special treatment. Keep the crafts patriotic not political. Thank you. I would never make this nor share it with children.

Oh pleezzze !!!!! What do we have to honor the emblem he chose?

I haven't made it, will NEVER make it, only use would be for target practice, I thought this was a site for crafts, NOT pushing a political agenda.

Pure awesomeness! Wish I knew about this earlier this summer. I could rip it up & throw it away when I am done with it; unlike our president. Keep 'em coming!

Some of you are more than ridiculous. It takes nothing more than a silly Obama plate to show your true hearts. I bet you're so wrapped up in Patriotic and Christian privilege you think God hates Obama too.

Allah maybe but not God.

Being a Patriot and Christian are two things your "little queen" in the White House IS NOT !!! replace Patriot and Christian with TRAITOR and MOSLEM and you have what Obamanation is.

Thank you. Some of these people really show their true colors when they post their hate on a public site. It's a sad commentary on the state of conservative supporters. It's tough being on the losing side but c'mon people, pull that stick out and lighten up.

Please remove this from the website unless you also intend to have a craft for all of the other Presidents. Frankly, I find this offensive. This is not patriotic, it's political.

I see, so the whole site has to cater to your silly whims and opinions, now? Ah yes, typical conservative, so wrapped up in yourself you can't see past the end of your nose.

This is ridiculous - Get rid of it!!!!!!! This site should not be political.

This is a great idea for crafting. I love my country and have great respect and admiration for President Obama. Some of these negative comments just showcase people's ignorance. Too bad.

I love my country also, too bad your "little queen" in the White House doesn'.

Are you joking? Wouldn't waste my time or the paper plate.

Since he is our president, I believe we should respect and pray for him. That being said, I would not make this or any political craft; however, I would make a patriotic one.

Why should we respect him? He certainly doesn't respect America.

You are DONE. your site is now SPAM.

Good riddance, sweetie.

Are you kidding me? You sure know how to make friends and influence people...NOT!

I come to this site to get away from the worries of the day. Besides that, I did not or have not seen a craft dedicated to former President Bush! Right now we are dealing with the Healthcare law failure to honor the terms we were promised. He is by no means a " new"president so this really is an outdated idea. A lot of us are looking for economical ways to make NICE gifts to help strech our dollars. We don't have the luxury of billing the American taxpayers millions for trips to exotic locations or ski resorts as they doi! This really was not a good idea for a craft.


Love this craft and OUR president!! My friend made this design as cookies and cake with logo in place of O in FOR ALL. If you don't like the craft, don't make it, haters.

I agree with you whole-heartedly! Although there are haters, Mr.Obama is STILL the elected president of these great United States of America. Our children should be taught about him, just as much as any other controversial or disliked president in the past. He is STILL a part of our country's heritage whether you like it or not. He has my prayers and support.

The "little queen" isn't MY President, he is a traitor to America, I would say this about ANY president that has done his UTMOST to destroy America and Freedom.

This man is the sorriest excuse of a president this country has Ever had!!! He is an Obamanation !!! I wouldn't waste a paper plate on the SOB.!

Wow, so much hatred. I bet anything you're "christian", aren't you?

I could use it for target practice

And what may I ask is this supposed to be??? Rumor has it that he is trying to change our flag and this is his idea. Something that is unbelievably self promoting!

If you hear rumors it is just that a rumor. Obama is president with a senate, congress, etc. Common sense would tell he can't do anything without their approval.

PLEASE tell me you're really not stupid enough to truly believe that garbage?????

Have you lost your minds??? A plate with Obama's pattern is a slap in the face to all of us. He is not legally the president and if you want to honor president's day, do it for a real president from the past. Obviously you have no idea how much money he wastes on vacations and fun trips on our dime. Now the insurance debacle. I think my ideas are more in line with most Americans and personally I would not spit on Obama if he was on fire. I am ashamed to call myself an American anymore until he is gone. I am a citizen of the Great Nation of Texas.

I completely agree with you!!! I would only spit on him if he WASN'T on fire, LOL! He's a disgrace to this country, and to everything America stands for!

I truly wish you and your type would put your money where your mouths are and just SECEDE already. We don't need your type here trying to drag this country down into the sewers so you can feel good about yourself and your self-proclaimed "patriotism".

It is one thing I wouldn't make. I don't ant anything to do with Obama in my house.

You have got to be kidding!!! Seriously!?!

Had you called this a President's Day plate I would have passed by. However, I think this excuse for a president does not rate being used as an example for the office. I would not spend 2 cents for a paper plate to make one. Had I rated would be -10.

President's day should not be about the "current" president. It is about all presidents and especially Washington and Lincoln. They deserve to be celebrated. Anyway, politic projects should not be on this craft site. Concerning the craft project itself, it is ugly and I would not waste my time and craft supplies on it. Patriotic crafts, yes - political crafts, no.

You can take this plate and pitch it over the cliff that he has us hanging over

If you don't like the craft than just skip over it. You don't have to like every craft here but there are some that may like it. It isn't something i would make with my grandchildren but it has every right to be on a craft site, it is a craft.

dianeensley 0641020, That is what is wrong with America now. All of you bleeding heart liberals do is stick your head in the sand and never take a stand when something is wrong. Shame on you. I hope your grandkids at least hear the truth about Obama at home or from their parents.

Ditto to bumper 4142068

Those who decide what to include as craft spotlights should know better than to put a political message craft in the spotlight, especially since the last 5 years have been so heated between those who like or loathe the current White House resident.

Oops...I meant divides, not decides.

This should not be here! Even on a craft site see how he decides us? his logo is ugly anyway...who wants to waste their time doing this project. He does not inspire me or impress me in any way!

This is awful. Absolutely awful. This is a craft site....not a site for the hatred and evil that obama stands for. Please take this off of here right away!!! It's racist and anti-American.

I agree, since when does an elected employee of this country get to change the way our colors are displayed, into a personal abomination of our flag?

I absolutely agree with you, it is anti-American and because of it I'm going to cancel my subscription to this site! We are subjected to this crap every day all day long and I don't intend on going to a site for relaxation and finding this! I'm appalled

This project is not only dull and boring, but certainly not PC.

The hateful comments about our President make me sad. Educate yourselves people. It's about inclusion not exclusion. Get to know a Democrat and find out why we love our President. Or don't. But don't complain because you don't like a Democrat for President.

The fact that he's a democrat has nothing to do w/ it. I don't like having a Socialist for President! And where do you get this "we" love our President anyway?

The arguments for this propaganda are bizarre and so is the president having his own symbol separate from those shared symbols of the US. I don't think I have ever heard of a sitting US president so mindlessly worshiped. Kennedy (a true revolutionary and advocate of peace) was long gone before folks made him into a messianic character and even Reagan took some serious knocks during his tenure. The Obama followers are more cult than political party. Kierkegaard did say all things eventual become religion. And this is a craft site. So how 'bout we don't dirty it with political worship...

Being a Democrat has NOTHING to do with dislike of the "little queen" in the White House, what makes educated, intelligent and reasonable people dislike him? well to name a few, #1- trying to destroy America by #2 shoving socialism down our throats #3- ignoring our Constitution Those are just the first two, I could spend the rest of the day listing why he isn't like, things that CAN be Proven.

This is a wonderful way to honor a sitting President. Thank you!

History Yes! Politics No! This site is for crafts, not political indoctrination.

Theres no historical importance to obama, unless it's for failure in leadership of the USA. People blindly voted for him only for his race not what he knows. He's attractive, nice dresser, has good english, what more is needed? Right? He has taken our country in a deliberate nosedive economically. I am ashamed how many lies I have seen him say. Well, yes, then teach our children his ZERO acclaim!

AMEN!!! Let's not forget he didn't win the popular vote not even close but only won by the electorial vote. Tells you something about his popularity. I know a lady age 92, who had never voted in her life but stood in line with a walker for 3 hours to register to vote for a "black man" that was her words not mine and then stood in line 2 hours to vote. Her comment was "nobody had ever been worth her time to vote before". Sorry to sound off but I think this is really tacky. This is a craft site not a site for someone to "craft" their political views. Who is Obama to have his own symbol. Give me a break.

obama has made it hard to fill that plate with food i would never use this

After 4 years of this Obama presidency, I can hardly afford to buy the paper plate to do this craft. The only "civics" lesson to be learned here is that our dear children will be in debt for ever. Drop the political craft stuff, I too am disappointed in this site.

This is just plain an awful craft. Who wants to waste their time crafting after someone like this that is trying to ruin us. Craft time is supposed to be fun and relaxing !!! I am disappointed in this site now.

Thanks for the idea. We are currently covering Presidents and this is perfect for a civics lesson craft.

when you start putting things on here named after our stupid president that's it. i quit. i don't need this site any more.

Keeping it classy eh?

....it says very little for my own brain that I only now realized that the logo was not just a circle, but an O. lmao I just saw the stylized scene on it!

The best part of all of the complaining done here is that it has had the reverse effect of what the posters were expecting. Because of all of their posts, this pattern has become "one of the most talked about projects on the site", causing it to be re-advertised in an email about heavily discussed projects. LOL.

What a wonderful project! I am so excited to make these with my little girls. It makes me sad to see all the poor souls who write such hateful comments. Prayers sent their way though! Thanks again :)

I'll be praying for your two little girls that you are brainwashing into thinking this "man" is someone to be praised.

Will you be happy to see your little girls dressed in a burqua or hejab, or married off to a dirty old pedophile?

My grandmother would love this!! So simple cant belive I haven't done this before! Thanks for posting this and there's is absoulutley nothing wrong with it! No one is "supporting" a party or candidate it is simply a great crafting idea using the symbol of OUR president anyone who doesn't like it, just move to a different country enjoy life elsewhere!

if I don't like it..I should leave???? Why I was at least born here.. and I have real proof that I was.

First, President's Day is long over (your site doesnt continue to run Christmas or Valentine's projects past their seasons). Second, President's Day is actually to celebrate the birthdays of Pres. Washington and Lincoln not sitting presidents. Third, this is a horrible recycling project requiring the use of brand-new paper products. From the amount of negative comments listed you don't seem to care how many of your subscribers you offend with this project. There are fewer and fewer areas that don't serve to divide instead of unite; please keep crafting a unifier.

If you are indeed a crafting person you should know you never have to use products listed here improvise adjust things to your liking. Don't like the symbol or the "new paper" make it just a flag design use your old paper or whatever else you want seriously take a chill pill and don't forget Obama IS the president so technically there is nothing wrong with it.

Actually they DO run Christmas and Valentine's projects all year long Take a look in the list of links at the top left of this page There is a link for holiday crafts which takes you to all types of holiday crafts year round There is a separate link for Christmas crafts as there are so many of them Second Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays used to be celebrated independently of each other on their actual dates When it was decided to merge the two dates together into what is now known as President's day the new holiday was designed to pay homage to ALL Presidents past and present Third there is no reason for ANYONE to be offended by the project above Obama is the current President of the United States and therefore should be celebrated as such whether one likes him or not The same can be said of allRead More elected officials

Kelly, thank you for posting this project! President Obama is the democratically elected leader of our country.

R u kidding ?!?!

I am 68 yrs old and do not rember a craft that had anything to do with a living president. Why this one, why now? This has nothing to do with skin color, he is half white. Bad choice of a craft.. His pastor said and I qoute God d-m America, and Michele Obma said and I quote This is the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country How soon we forget.

Well, I'm only 41, but I remember several. I remember that when Carter was President, we did several crafts in school with peanuts to "celebrate our President" When Reagan was President, we did several crafts in school with Jelly Beans to "Celebrate our President". Crafts related to a sitting President are no new thing. It doesn't make those crafts a political statement, as our President is our President, regardless of political party.

This is a nice little presidential project.

I think that this is a wonderful little craft that I will consider using in our upcoming bible school. I am sorry that it has illicited such racist reaction to an otherwise cute and crafty idea. I am not surprised that some of the women that are threatened by this project are responsible for the minds of the youth today. No wonder so many young kids are committing suicide. We still have a long way to go America.....

Where was race mentioned? Why is any comment claiming Obama NOT the messiah, savior of the USA racist? I for one believe he is not and refuse to claim him in that manner with my children, grandchildren or Bible classTHE DOES NOT MAKE ME RACIEST just American with freedom of speech for the moment! This goes both waysif you like this project your choice you should not be labeled either.

jabulani45 6905657 What kind of an idiot are you? Use this for a BIBLE SCHOOL? This is what you get when you have idiots voting for people they know nothing about! WE do not know a thing about Obama, escept what he wrote in his book and now we find out that most of it was LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES! Did you know Obama did drugs when he was in college? Do you want your BIBLE SCHOOL KIDS to know that? I SINCERELY HOPE THAT PEOPLE LIKE YOU DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN I agtree with the majority of the posters on here, this was a TERRIBLE thing to put on here for PRESIDENTS DAY! IT IS NOT OBAMA'S DAY IS THE A CELEBRATION FOR WASHINGTON AND LINCOLN! PS I will be cancelling my subscipton for this newsletter!

Racism isn't the reason the "little queen" isn't liked, his Socialist ideology is, his appointing MOSLEMS to government offices is, his BOLD moves to destroy/ignore OUR Constitution with his "pen and phone". Saying mothers are responsible for the suicides of their children is horrible, YOUR president is for killing them in the womb, while HIS people the MOSLEMs are breeding like flies. You need to do some research on what Obamanation really stands for instead of just swallowing what his mouth pieces tell you?

I think this was a very good craft and thanks for the idea. I think it's shameful that we hav such narrow minded individuals for a better way to say it in our society today. We aren't living in the old days people this is a new day. It's political because you're making it that way. This country was messed up Long before Obama "Face It" and own it.

This is wonderful! I applaud this celebration of our President. Teaching respect for our children for the President, and having fun while doing so! Great job! :)

It is important for us to respect the office of President and the person who is elected to the office. However, it is extremely disrespectful of that office to have a separate symbol for one president, require that symbol to be painted on airforce 1, presidential letter-head, etc...and now to teach children to paint it as a symbol of President's Day...although now that it is way past President's Day and closer to (re)Election Day, I'm pretty sure that the next step to this "craft" will be to attach a stick and post it in your front yard.

Air Force One does NOT have the Obama symbol on it. It still has the U.S. Flag and the Presidential seal on it. The plane that Obama had with his symbol on it was a privately owned plane for shuttling himself and his staff around when he was a candidate. McCain had one also, which had the McCain symbol on it. Please verify your information before you post. See the debunking of this ridiculous rumor on Snopes: http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/airplane.asp

I enjoy visiting this site on a regular basis, and get a lot of great ideas from all of the talented folks who contribute here. However, I do agree with the other comments posted about this "craft". It feels like a political advertisement, instead of a place for crafters to go without all of the political "junk" we see everyday. I for one want this to be a "no spin zone" if you get my drift. As stated by ganny96, PLEASE keep this site non political!!

I agree. I will never make anything relating to Obama. I can think of a few things it stands for.....and they're not good things. Keep political crafts off the site, PLEASE! This was very disappointing to see.

I'm shocked that your CRAFT site would post such a blatant pandering to a political candidate, especially that you pose it as a craft for "your child." I certainly do not expose children to political ploys or propaganda of any kind. There are plenty of other craft sites to choose from - you might want to keep that in mind for your subscribers.

I have to say that I find this the most offensive thing ever put on this site. Please remove it. I would like to continue viewing this site, but not if you promote this kind of thing.

Ugh. I agree. I will never make anything relating to Obama. And a symbol for a president?? No other president has had a symbol. I can think of a few things it stands for.....and they're not good things. Keep political crafts off the site, PLEASE! This was very disappointing to see.

I agree, anything related to this anti-American person that has entered OUR White Hoiuse is very offensive. I pray that our country will survive until he is defeated.

Agree with you. and I won't be doing any crafts related to oabamanation or his campaign. Would be a waste of my time.

I will never make anything relating to Obama, unless it has something to do with his impeachment.

Pleas no political stuff and especially obama things!

This "project" is extremely offensive. I don't suppose we'll be seeing any Republican nominee projects, will we?

It wasn't a nominee project. It was a Presidential project for President's day.

On a public forum such as this one, Anything related to politics should not be allowed. Especially as controversial as this president has been.

Ain't that the truth.


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