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USArtQuest Video: Paper Enameling

Sue developed this Perfect Paper Adhesive technique to make her very own… More

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Marvy Uchida Video: About Artist Trading Cards

Tamara explains the ABC's of Artist Trading Cards. They are fun to… More

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Colorful Watercolor State Art Video

"Today I am sharing a colorful Watercolor State Art tutorial video. In… More

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USArtQuest Video: Duo Adhesive

Discover this very special adhesive. Its ideal for using your mica… More

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USArtQuest Video: Artist's Cement

Imagine an archival cement with superior adhering attributes that dries to… More

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USArtQuest Video: Perfect Paper Adhesive

The most versatile adhesive for use in cardmaking, collage, decoupage, and… More

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Mother Henna Video: How to Do Acrylic Transfers

This is a quickie, approx. 10 minute how-to for using acrylic medium to… More

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USArtQuest Video: Great Tape

Learn from Susan Pickering Rothamel all about this remarkable clear,… More

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Marvy Uchida Video: Fat Foam Album

Trisha uses the Super Hot Wire Foam Cutter to create elements for a fat… More

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USArtQuest Video: Greeting Cards Book

Susan Pickering Rothamel walks you through some of the over 100 projects… More

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Wonder Tape Butterfly Video

Watch this great video tutorial to learn how to make a beaded butterfly… More

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FloraCraft at the CHA 2017 Creativation Show

We love how FloraCraft foam products can be transformed into beautiful… More

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Stencil Ease Vintage Design DIY Side Table Video

Learn how to stencil and paint a Vintage Design DIY Side Table with these… More

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Tim Holtz Video: Distress Ink and Pearls

Tim Holtz demonstrates how to use distress inks and perfect pearls to… More

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Marvy Uchida Video: ATC Display Page

Michael Strong demonstrates how to create a beautiful page for displaying… More

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