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Quick and Easy DIY Label

Looking for a way to organize your kitchen? Try this Quick and Easy DIY… More

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How to Make a Pom Pom

Once you've made your cardboard loom, you can use it to make pom poms from… More

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Wall Art Quote

Tutorial with video showing you how to brush letter a quote that is large… More

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DIY Emoji Duct Tape Pouch

This DIY Emoji Duct Tape Pouch is a super cute and fun way for you to… More

(4 Votes)

How to Clean the Inside of a Gourd

In this video you'll learn even more about how to clean gourds. You'll… More

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Garland From Rose Petals

Hi all, Here is the tutorial for making garland from rose petals. I… More

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Make Your Own Needleminder from Vintage Hot Iron…

Remember how much fun Shrinky Dinks were when you were a kid? You can use… More

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How to Make Yarn Fringe

If you don't know how to knit or crochet, you can still make crafts using… More

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Candy Drawer DIY Party Favor

This cute Candy Drawer DIY Party Favor is an excellent, customizable DIY… More

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How to Clean Gourds for Crafts

Drying out gourds and learning how to clean gourds are two essential… More

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Marvy Uchida Video: Photo Token

A painted ball with a photo face and ribbon hat becomes an affectionate… More

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Best out of Waste Paper Crafts

"Hi friends, i started a new you tube channel in the name a2z creations.… More

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How to Make 7 Watercolor Backgrounds

"I created unique watercolor backgrounds for each one of the cards using… More

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How to Add an Elf Toe to Your Stocking

After you make a Christmas stocking from Teres Whitney's basic template,… More

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One Row Button Holes Knitting Tutorial

It is definitely getting chilly out, meaning it is that perfect time of… More

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