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How to Make an Ice Pack

This How to Make an Ice Pack video tutorial can show you just how easily… More

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Dear Me Letter To Future Self

I created a way to document what I'm learning at this critical time in the… More

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DIY Fabric Pinboard

"In this video you will learn to transform a chipped black frame… More

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Jute Flowers, Fabric Flowers

These very easy jute flowers can be made with any types of fabric, not… More

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Crochet an Edge on Fabric Tutorial

Learn this an awesome technique with this Crochet an Edge on Fabric… More

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Holder From Paper

Hi all, In this video you will learn to make a storage box. This is very… More

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Mother's Day Flower Card

You can make this adorable flower card for Mother's Day. Great kids… More

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Coloring Page with Coloring Video

"A fun colorful video showing how to use watercolor crayons along with a… More

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Tim Holtz Video: Alcohol Ink Splatter Technique

Tim Holtz demonstrates how to do the splatter technique with Ranger's… More

(3 Votes)

Create A Heart Template

Do you need a heart shaped template with smooth curves for a project? You… More

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How to Crochet Diamonds From Squares

Want to learn How to Crochet Diamonds From Squares? All you need to do is… More

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Diy Watercolor Sketchbook

How to create your own water color sketch book using an old book of any… More

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How to Make Cute Toilet Paper Storage

Looking for DIY storage solutions? Repurpose an oatmeal container to use… More

(3 Votes)

Making Bird Nest using Newspaper and Popsicle…

"How to Make a Bird nest using Newspaper, Woolen tread and Popsicle sticks… More

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How to Use the Sizzix Twist and Style Tool

Ready to start making perfect flower stems and friendship bracelets? This… More

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