Candles & Soap

Hundreds of free candle craft projects, free soap craft projects and other bath craft projects. Learn how to make candles for home decor or give homemade candles as gifts. Make your own soap or give bath salts. Create holiday candles and decorative s

Pinecone Candle Holder

Hold your candles in a pinecone and nut candle ring. Kathleen George shows… More

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Glow In The Dark Bath Bombs

How to make a glow in the dark bath bomb. This uses both a body safe glow… More

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How To Make Melt And Pour Soap With Embeds

How to put embeds in melt and pour soap. Embeds are small pieces of soap… More

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Pumpkin Spice Salt Scrub Recipe

How to make an easy pumpkin spice body scrub. This is a salt scrub made… More

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Diy Sheet Mask For Acne Prone Skin

Sheet masks are great for your skin, but they can get expensive if you use… More

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Banana Yogurt Face Mask Recipe

How to make a banana, yogurt, and honey face mask recipe. This is a very… More

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Rolled Beeswax Candles

You may quickly fall in love with the natural smell and warm burn of… More

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Calamine Lotion Soap Recipe (itch Relief Soap)

How to make a calamine soap recipe. This uses calamine lotion, but you can… More

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How To Make Glitter Bath Bombs

How to make glitter bath bombs. These are a lot of fun to make and to… More

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Pressed Flower Candle Diy

A super simple DIY for the prettiest homemade candles using homemade… More

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Bubbling Bath Salts

How to make bubbling bath salts. Fizzy bath salts are like a bubble bath… More

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Pumice Gardener's Soap Recipe

How to make a gardener's soap with melt and pour soap. This has pumice to… More

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Blueberry Oatmeal Doughnut Soaps

Learn how to make these adorable blueberry oatmeal doughnut soaps. This… More

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Lavender Chamomile Milk Bath Recipe

Soothe and moisturize your skin with this lavender chamomile milk bath… More

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Frozen Aloe Vera Cubes For Sunburn Relief

How to make frozen aloe vera cubes for natural sunburn relief. This is a… More

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