Candles & Soap

Hundreds of free candle craft projects, free soap craft projects and other bath craft projects. Learn how to make candles for home decor or give homemade candles as gifts. Make your own soap or give bath salts. Create holiday candles and decorative s

DIY Homemade Hot Chocolate Candle

Candles are one of the most fun DIY crafts that you can do. They are… More

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Homemade Strawberry Scented Mini Heart Soaps

I’m really into making my own soaps, sugar scrubs and bath bombs lately,… More

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How To Make A Hydrosol From Essential Oils

Learn how to make a copycat hydrosol with essential oils. Hydrosols are… More

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Honey Lip Scrub

This honey lip scrub with cinnamon is a great way to get rid of chapped,… More

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Diy Mosquito Repellent Candles

With ingredients like lemon, lime, water, and essential oils these DIY… More

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Headache Balm

A headache can be unbearable. But sometimes all you need is a little touch… More

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Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel

How to make unicorn snot glitter gel. This is an easy recipe that only… More

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Calming Lavender Shower Melts

I have found a love for shower melts because they help to provide a… More

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Making Ice Candles

Making gifts seems more personal, reflecting the time you devoted to the… More

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Calming Room Spray

Enhance your mental and physical well being with a simple Calming Room… More

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Sugar Scrub Bars Recipe: Strawberry Heart

You have got to try this easy sugar scrub bars recipe! There is nothing… More

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Natural Homemade Bubble Bath

On my journey towards a healthier lifestyle, I’ve been slowly… More

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Dandelion Melt And Pour Soap

How to make an easy melt and pour soap recipe with dandelion infused oil.… More

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How To Make Liquid Hand Soap

Learn how to make a very easy hand soap recipe. This liquid hand soap uses… More

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Handmade Rose Soap

Want to learn how to make your own rose soap? This recipe for handmade… More

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